Are you wanting to become a taxi driver in Wolverhampton? As well as having a full clean licence and being a very confident driver, you’ll also need a full medical. It’s perhaps no surprise that taxi drivers are required by the сиалис цена украина local authority (and any other local authority across the UK) to undertake a full medical examination and questionnaire. Only once they have passed this will they be granted a licence by the local authority.

The taxi medical in Wolverhampton will consist of several tests, including a full hearing and sight test, along having your blood pressure and pulse checked and a urine test. Furthermore, you’ll be expected to disclose any medical history by filling out a questionnaire.

The taxi medical will be undertaken a local private medical practice and is it expected that the prospective taxi driver will bring 3 forms of identification, including a password, driving licence, a utility bill, birth certification, nation insurance card or UK NHS card. The medical will generally cost around £50 and will take around an hour. It will need to be booked at a private medical practice, of which there are many across the UK.

The doctor undertaking the medical will talk through the results of the medical assessment during the appointment. If the medical is passed the doctor will send a fitness certificate to the local authority, who will grant the taxi licence. If the doctor has any concerns, it may be advised to see your local GP or optician for further tests.

Different local authorities may have different rules when it comes to how often a medical will need to be repeated, but most will require a another medical at the age of 45 and over. A medical will then need to be repeated every five years until the age of 65 when it will need to be repeated every year.

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