The clock radio has natural “Domestic” – in other words, it blends into a room without being noticed, even by people familiar with the room. If you put up a new wall clock or put a new teddy bear on a bedroom shelf, people will immediately realize that something new has been added. On the other hand, a clock radio nanny cam will go unnoticed 9 out of 10 times.The wireless clock radio nanny cam is “Location Neutral” — This is just a fancy way of saying that you can put this camera anywhere! How about on a kitchen countertop, or in the family room, or on a bedside stand in the bedroom? See what I mean? There are very few places where a clock radio looks out of place.

A clock radio that has a Sony CCD camera gives you a crystal clear image. I prefer a CCD to a CMOS camera because of its superior performance.The clock radio, providing it has quality components, has enough range to transmit video through walls to the far end of your house without compromising image quality.A clock radio with a lux rating of 0.05 or lower performs well under low light conditions. A nanny cam with a lux rating of 1.0 or higher produces a poor and grainy image in dim lighting. Let’s face it; a nanny cam that won’t allow you to see what’s going on in a room with low light is almost worthless.

A good clock radio nanny cam is usually equipped with a 3.7 mm lens which provides a great wide angle view of the room. A clock radio can be placed almost anywhere in the room which allows you to position it for the best view. A teddy bear, book, humidifier, or any of the other nanny cams have natural restrictions on where you can place them.

10.) This Nanny Cam uses a.c. power and looks natural plugged into the wall. No need to disguise power cords or worry about batteries. In most instances you’ll be using the nanny cam for extended periods of time. Batteries usually only last about 2-3 hours. To use a teddy bear cam or a book cam for this length of time you have to use the a.c. power adapter. Don’t you think an “Electric Teddy Bear” might look suspicious?

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