I have reworked this document from a newsletter I issued back in 2005 چرخ شانس انلاین but the essence remains the same today. As we all know, in horse racing, when we place our money across the bookmakers desk, that is where the risk starts and, whilst we can’t eliminate that risk completely, the most successful gamblers always look for ways to minimise it whenever possible.

A great way to do this is to place bet and in doing so, we can alleviate the need to find the horse first past the post. I appreciate that some of you will be new to this concept and we need to clarify the fact that this is NOT each way betting. Place betting normally covers the first three [3] places, i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an 8-15 runner race. So if your horse comes in the first three places your bet is successful and you collect.

The big advantage with place betting is that in an eight horse race, for example, you effectively have only 5 horses running against you. In other words, you have three opportunities to profit from backing just one horse. Common sense dictates that with a half-decent selection procedure this tactic has got to put you in with a good chance of being in the first three much of the time.

So now let’s look at the downside. A disadvantage is that when you win, unless it’s with a big priced outsider, the cash amount you get isn’t particularly exciting. Generally, because a place is more likely to happen than an outright win, the odds are normally reduced to 1/4 or 1/5 of the stated win odds.

No problem. Instead of withdrawing your initial stake after the first successful bet, you simply leave it in place for all three bets. Using the same three horses, stake, and respective prices to illustrate the outcome, you’d have come out with a total profit of £41.40 which is a 58% increase in profitability in exchange for risking your tiny £5.00 stake in all three bets instead of just in the first bet. An amazing 828% return on your £5.00 investment. So, this is still not enough money for you?

You’re hard to please. But, if you’re prepared to take a bit more risk again, you could consider increasing your stake by an extra £5.00 at the second and third stages of the betting sequence. In this example, this means your total stake would be £15.00.

Here’s how it works this time. Same horses and same prices as before except this time after the £5.00 bet on Excellent Day which, as you’ll remember, returns £12, you add a further £5.00 stake to give a £17.00 stake for the bet on Middle Club which returns £28.90. Increase your stake once more by £5.00 to give a stake of £33.00 on Poyle Meg. Result? A final profit of £61.80 has been achieved for a total personal outlay of just £15.00.

Now, here’s the thing. In the last example, which clearly carries the highest risk component, the total of your personal money at risk is still just £15 and that occurs only for the last of the three bets. At the second bet stage, £10.00 of your personal money is at risk. And, of course, the first of the three bets puts just £5.00 of your personal money at risk. Your reward, given all three bets are successful and bearing in mind each horse has three distinct chances to be successful for you, not just the one chance offered by a win-only bet, is a most acceptable 412% return on your £15.00 investment.

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