Anabolic hgh for sale and growth hormone don’t get my approval, but they are used by bodybuilders in many places. These two highly controversial substances are illegal in many locations. Growth hormones and steroids are widespread among bodybuilders because they promote muscle growth at a rapid rate. They also build strength and stamina to enhance overall performance. But beware of the possible side effects of anabolic steroids.

In the sports world the use of steroids is frowned upon. Testing is becoming more common to prevent the unfair advantage from the effects of these strong drugs.

Steroids have some benefits. These are utilized for the treatment of different conditions such as AIDS, cancer and other serious ailments. They promote natural healing and help your body fight the effects of various diseases.

Like any drug, steroids have side effects and should be taken only in consultation with a doctor to avoid long term negative health consequences like:

– Steroids increase the amount of testosterone produced by the body which can cause aggressiveness, a low sex drive, and a low sperm count.

– They also increase the retention of water inside the muscles and this leads to an anabolic state, which is why body builders use them in the first place. But this increased fluid retention can increase the workload on the heart, in turn increasing blood pressure, which is a serious risk factor for heart attack.

Growth hormones activate components in the body that cause muscles to grow. Although they are naturally present in the body, bodybuilders may take them in an effort to increase their muscle size. They can also be hazardous.

It’s possible to have large muscles, and a totally ripped body without using steroids or growth hormones. Sure, you will become bigger quicker, but introducing these substances into your body will have negative long-term effects.

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