To get the full impact of this un curso de milagros , Your Best Life Now, I recommend that you see one of Joel’s sermons. Did you know he has one of the largest congregations in the U.S? Did you know he didn’t want to become a minister because he didn’t think he could effectively talk in front of large audiences? If you’ve never seen him preach, you’re in for a treat – take some time and:

Joel Osteen’s ability to deliver a message is a gift and he uses all his talent to deliver his message. His smiling face, his accent, his stage presence, his sincerity, his analogies to real-life situations and his enthusiasm are just a few ways that Joel captures your attention for the 30-60 minute talks. Listen to Joel at least on

ce before you read his book, Your Best Life Now. As you read, you will easily visualize him up on the stage in front of you as he personally reads you the book. His writing style mirrors his Sunday morning messages and you’ll find the same enthusiasm while reading this bookOverall, Your Best Life Now is a very good motivational book. Many chapters will hit you directly with a positive force,

While others will cause you to ask “…why did he include this in book…”. I would have rated this a 5, but there were a few conflicting points in the book and there were a few times he strayed from the topic of living to your full potential.God to bring justice into your life. In my opinion, this belief is too simplified and naive.

One of the best points is Joel’s discussion about making time to focus on your pursuit of true goals, instead of crowding your day with mundane tasks and other people’s priorities. Losing focus on the important goals is so easy to do and his thoughts on this subject are well written in the book. One of points that I found difficult to accept is, trusting

Even though I am not a strong religious person, Your Best Life Now contains more good points than ‘not so good’ points and for that, it is a must read. His enthusiasm will help motivate you to improve your life and to improve the life of others. If you want to listen to him read the book, then consider ordering the CD version or cassette version of Joel Osteen’s book, Your Best Life Now. Check out the best prices at

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