Internet opens new horizons, brings us loads of opportunities and vast possibilities of all kinds. As everything, it has two sides: it can be a dangerous weapon for anyone not knowing how to handle it right, and a Report Scam and get your money back, helpful and obedient servant for everyone knowing how to use it.

One of the major problems is scam and waste of time because still too many people don’t recognize it in time, before they lose either their money or credibility or even all business. It is crucial to tell the hype, scam and waste of time, and protect yourself, your business, your time and your money. To protect your name, your business, your brand, and in the first place your credibility is the same important as to protect your money and your time.

First, let’s try to clarify the mysterious words ‘scam’ and ‘hype’: it is an activity aiming at getting other people’s money using unethical tools. Purposely I don’t say ‘illegal’ but ‘unethical’ because many of the tools are legal. However, the result is scam or waste of time anyway. And the result decides. It is also necessary to realise that there are basically two kinds of ‘scam’: intentional and unintentional. I consider the latter even more dangerous. I will explain this in a minute.

Second, your credibility: All of us make mistakes. It’s OK, but the way you treat your mistakes decides about your success or failure. Once you are in business, you must care about your name and your credibility. Sometimes it may happen that you lose some money. It’s ‘fine’ if you yourself lose the money, but you can survive and no one knows. You at least know the way wasn’t the right to take. You received your lesson, and will be more careful next time.

However, you must be extremely careful to lead people trusting you into such a loss. Even if you can survive financially, mentally, your business will not because your credibility is ruined. So, be very cautious before you recommend something to another person.

And in spite of this, we can see literally thousands of people claiming to be netpreneurs recommending scams and hype all over the Net. If we suppose that most of them don’t do it intentionally, then there are only two reasons: carelessness or inability to recognize scam. And both are absolutely unacceptable within an entrepreneur.

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