You know the story bustling crowds,6 vape near me to Saving Time and Money With This Year’s Christmas Gift Shopping Articles empty shelves, and high prices. Christmas gift shopping isnt what it used to be. Just a few years ago, scrambling through the malls shopping for last minute Christmas gifts was exciting and fun. All the holiday decorations, bright Christmas lights, and festive carols enhanced the thrill of the holiday season.

Nowadays, tracking down that hottest-selling toy that little Johnny wants for Christmas, can be more like navigating your way through the Perfect storm. Long lines, irritable sales people, sold-out items, and high prices can sap the Christmas spirit out of the most professional of shoppers.

Well, all is not lost! There are a few secrets that can help you find your way through the Christmas gift shopping seas and into a calm, restful holiday port. Try these 6 Secrets to Holiday Shopping this year and see the difference.

Try shopping the night before the big sale

Ready for the big Christmas sale on Friday? The secret is to shop the store the night before the sale starts, Thursday night in this case. Many retailers update their systems for the special sale discounts after 6:00 PM the day before the announced sale date. This allows you to take advantage of the lower sales price without fighting the crowds the next morning. Unfortunately, not all large retailers follow this practice, but it may be worth a special trip down to your favorite retailer to test it out.

Start your Christmas shopping early

This may not be a real shopping secret, but smart Christmas gift shoppers will tell you that this is the key to avoiding a stressful holiday shopping experience. Try shopping for the seasons hot new toys and electronics in September and October. If the items arent available yet, many retailers will put you on a waiting list. This assures you of getting the desired gift when it arrives. Also, large discount retailers will often run specials earlier in the season for these new items, to attract more holiday shoppers into their stores. Watch for these special sales early in the shopping season.

Dont be afraid to ask for unadvertised discounts

Dont hesitate to ask your retailer if there are any unadvertised discounts, special coupons, or sales going on that week. Many retailers offer special discounts for regular customers as part of their loyalty programs. You might have to sign up for the program, but the discounts usually make it well worth while. Over 55 years of age? Why not ask about a seniors discount. Some retailers have an ongoing discount for senior members of the community, or have a certain day of the week where the discount applies.

Save money with coupons when shopping online

If you are doing your Christmas gift shopping on the Internet, check to see if there is a box asking for a coupon or promotional code before you click that Buy button. This is generally a tip-off that there are extra discounts available for that product. If you find such a box, write down the name of the merchant and the product code. Go to one of the coupon websites, like or, and enter the product information. If there is a special promotion for this item, it will give you the discount coupon code. Now you are ready to return to the merchants site and make your discounted purchase.

Try making money while you do your Christmas shopping

If you do your shopping online, try a website like which provides rebates on purchases made through their site. You can generally save anywhere from two to five percent of the purchase price. eBates offers members free shipping promotions and special offers from the more than 800 retail stores they represent. Some of the more familiar names include Target and GAP, so why not get paid for doing your holiday shopping?

Reward yourself for all your holiday shopping efforts

Dont you deserve a little reward for all the hassle you have incurred on your Christmas gift shopping spree? Of course you do! So why not consider gift items, such as perfume or cosmetics sets, where a special add-on bonus is given as an enticement for you to purchase the item. Often, a special collection of cosmetics or perfumes is provided in a unique carry bag as a bonus. Many people will give away the main item and keep the bonus item for themselves. Go ahead, you deserve it!

These Christmas gift shopping secrets will help you shop smarter and save you money this holiday season. So, why not try using as many of these as you can and see if you dont notice a little extra Christmas spirit sneaking into holiday shopping experience.

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