Never lose the opportunity of a crisis,2 Major A Course In Miracles in the Education System in 2020 Articles and this is one such situation. When living in a critical situation that cannot be resolved at the moment, the next best alternative is learning to live with it. One sector that made this a key foundation is education. From private schools to public schools and colleges, every one of them learned the need for change. The education sector that is growing at 16% annually is estimated to be $ 798.28 billion markets by 2024. While other major sectors are facing depreciation, education has built a path leading to growth amid a pandemic situation. There are many elements that took a roundabout in the education sector, but 2 essential elements took the big shift in 2020: 1. Changed Functions of Education Settings Schools have rapidly changed, even in the most basic aspects of their work. 10-15% of the schools have gone back to becoming old schools of correspondence, while the majority of them have recreated the school setting online. Some educational settings are wishing for things to go back to how it was, that is, in fact, natural, there is nothing that they did for this change to take place. While there was a time when students took the long way traveling to school, with no other choice left. And this is one such aspect where a lot of people are comfortable with it. Schools now follow fully virtual instructions. Educational tools that were never known before have been getting adopted. When virtual education and technology, is the larger part of today’s education system, interacting, teaching, learning, and the fundamental functions of the performance procedure changed.

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